DVD Replication

Glass master
The data whether it’s software, music or marketing presentation, is transferred to a glass master which is used to create a metal stamper. This stamper is then mounted onto the disc moulding machines.

Disc Replication
Unlike a CD, a DVD consists of two sides made of plastic which are stuck together. These sides are also called layers. Data can be pressed at a far higher density on both layers than on a CD, giving the DVD a considerably greater storage capacity.

Depending on the amount of data, there are the following options:

- A single layer is pressed (DVD-5 up to 4.7 GB). As with a CD, the data is read from the bottom layer of the DVD by the laser of the DVD player and converted into image and sound signals.

- A dual layers are pressed (DVD-9 up to 8.7 GB). With this kind of DVD, the top layer is also copied. The top layer can be read by the DVD player's laser from underneath because the bottom layer has a semi-transparent mirror. The laser can read the data from the top layer through this mirror.

- Even more is possible (DVD-10 up to 9.4 GB). The capacity can be increased even further by copying the DVD on both sides. The procedure for playing a DVD-10 is similar to that of LPs – the DVD is turned over in order to play the second side

Single layer
Dual layers
Single layer double sides
Mini DVD
Single layer

Disc Surface Printing
After we have replicated the disc we then silkscreen or offset print directly onto the face of the disc. We can print from 1-6 colours either using CMYK process or Pantone. We will be glad to show you samples of particular printing techniques. All the lacquers and colours guarantee a high level of durability, nice and colorful.

If you are looking for a DVD replication company that offers reliable service and quality products, please email sales@discmaker.com.hk or direct call our Sales Team at (852) 29970009.