Authoring Service

Authoring services by Discmaker provide all DVD & Blu-ray disc encoding and creation of DVD & Blu-ray disc navigation as comprehensive pre-mastering solutions. Our expertly trained multi-media and authoring professionals bring all of the elements together seamlessly to ensure a smooth, properly working DVD & Blu-ray disc.

Our encoding capabilities allow us to turn footage from any tape format into DVD & Blu-ray ready files, Quicktime, AVI or Window Media files. After deciding the best bit rate for the length of the video and the media format, Discmaker thoroughly tests all encoded footage before returning it to our clients.

DVD and Blu-ray disc authoring services include:

  - Motion Menus & Audio Loops       - 2-pass VBR Encoding 
  - Multiple Submenus       - Interactive Menu Design and Creation
  - Custom Chapter Stops     - Audio Mixing
  - Foreign language Track Integration     - Foreign language Track Creation
  - Subtitle & Closed Caption Integration     - Subtitle & Closed Caption Creation
  - PDF and Document integration      - Copy protection and encryption
  - Website integration     - All Region Coding
  - 5.1 Dolby Surroung Mixing     - Static and Motion Video Thumbnails

Authoring is a critical step to the production of your DVD & Blu-ray disc because it produces a user-friendly and functional menu design ensuring that your DVD & Blu-ray disc content can been seen, enjoyed and appreciated. Interactive content such as adding your company web address, email address, pdf or documents in the disc is the type of authoring service that adds value by creating a good way to communicate with your target market.

Discmaker also offers copy protection features that can be added as part of the Authoring Process, protect your DVD & Blu-ray disc content from being copied.

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