CD Replication

Glass master
The data whether it’s software, music or marketing presentation, is transferred to a glass master which is used to create a metal stamper. This stamper is then mounted onto the disc moulding machines.

Disc Replication
A CD-Audio or CD-ROM is made from plastic and has an aluminium coating. The digital information is applied in the form of a spiral track onto the plastic. What are known as 'pits' are formed on the upper side of the CD during the injection moulding process (also called "pressing"). These are microscopic little bumps and indentations on the plastic. The reflective aluminium layer enables the laser beam of a CD player to subsequently read this "mountain-valley landscape" from below and convert it into audio or data signals.

Audio CD
74 minutes
Video CD
74 minutes
CD Rom
650 mb
Mini CD

Disc Surface Printing
After replicated the disc, we then silkscreen or offset print directly onto the face of the disc. We can print from 1-6 colours either using CMYK process or Pantone. We will be glad to show you samples of particular printing techniques. All the lacquers and colours guarantee a high level of durability, nice and colorful.

We produce CD media in different formats to suit your particular needs.

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