Blu-Ray Replication

Blu-ray replication produces discs with incredible high-resolution imagery, enhanced surround sound capability and innovative special features. Blu-ray discs are truly the wave of the future. Due to the huge capacity of up to 50GB the Blu-ray disc (BD-25 & BD-50), both single and dual layer allows for more than just a movie to be stored at the highest High Definition quality.

With Blu ray-replication, you can now add all bonus features on the same disc. No need to add extra discs to the package for the bonus materials. If you need help with Blu-ray Authoring, Discmarker is your one-stop Blu-ray partner.

Replicated Blu-ray discs are up to six times the resolution of today's standard definition DVD's. Blu-ray is a giant leap forward for filmmakers looking for high-definition delivery to today's discerning viewers. We are extremely proud to offer our customers this great, and widely touted format.

Discmarker offers both Single Layer (BD25) and Dual Layer (BD50) Blu-ray discs.

Single layer
Dual layers

North America, Central America, South America (excluding Guyane française), Japan, Taiwan, Korea, HK, Macau, and South East Asia
Europe, Green Land, French colony, Middle East, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.
India, Russia, China (excluding HK & Macau), Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and Central South Asia

Digital Rights Management

There are three types of Digital Rights Management (DRM) for Bly-ray, and it includes the following:

Advanced Access Content System (AACS) is used to for the content protection, and it is one of the most important parts of DRM. AACS is ruled by AACS Licensing Administrator (AACS LA), and its co-founders include Disney, Intel, Microsoft, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Warner Brothers, IBM, Toshiba, and Sony.

- BD+
BD+ is a micro simulator stored in BD, and it will allow the authorized BD to be played in BD player.

- BD-ROM Mark
BD-ROM Mark is a password protected data, and is attached to the content of BD. It is capable of monitoring and suspending unauthorized program from decoding the content.

Blu-ray Process Flow Chart

- Rocess

- Printing

Quality Inspection System

- For Electrical Character: DaTARIUS DaTABANK
- For Mechanical Character: Dr. Schenk / SONY

Compare Blu-ray & DVD

- What is the difference between Blu-ray and DVD?

DVD Video
Up to 50 GB  Up to 8.5 GB 
Specific Blu-ray with blue laser 405 nanometers)   DVD player with red laser (650 nanometers) 
Disc Structure
Some Blu-ray players will be able to read DVD Video  Current DVD won’t read Blu-ray 
Video Format
New Structure: 1 layer of 0.1mm, and one layer of de 1.1mm Size of the pit : 0.32 micron   2 layers of 0.6mm Size of the pit : 0.74 micron  

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